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Past Award Winners


2004                                  Town                   College                                      Major

Tabitha Hubbling                    Carolina                  U. of Rhode Island                         Math/Elem Ed

Rebecca Newman                   Hope Valley            Bucknell                                           Business

2005                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Rebecca McVey                      Charlestown           Brown                                            Cog. Neuroscience

Olesia Solomatina                  Wood River Jct.     U. of Rhode Island                        Chemical Engineering

2006                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Kate Fales                               West Kingston       Providence College                   Elem./Special Ed.

Justin Smith                           Carolina                  Syracuse University                   Info. Mgt & Tech

2007                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Rebecca Anderson                 Wood River Jct.      Dartmouth College                          Biology

Nicholas Bilotta                      Charlestown            Hofstra University                            Film

Matthew Haney                        Wyoming                 Johnson & Wales                          Culinary Arts

Ashley Walsh                           West Kingston        Florida State University                   Pre-Dent

2008                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Elizabeth Bartholomew            Charlestown          U. of New Hampshire                  English & Sci. Teaching

Melissa Fales                            West Kingston       Plymouth State Univ.                    Veterinary Science

Kelsey Shottek                         Charlestown           Quinnipiac                                      Physical Therapy

2009                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Ashley LeCour                        Charlestown            CCRI                                              Special Ed

Kyle Lydick                              Ashaway                 Johnson & Wales University      Culinary Arts

Michael Tibbits                        West Kingston       New Eng. Inst of Technology      Digital Recording Arts

Matthew Woyak                       Carolina                  Rochester Inst of Technology     Photo-journalism

2010                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Leah Brennan                          Charlestown          James Madison University           Occupational Therapy

Brett Hinchey                           Charlestown          U. of Delaware                               Bus/Sports Mgt.

Matthew John                          Charlestown          U. of Connecticut                           Political Science

Sarah Smith                             Richmond              Providence College                       Biochemistry

 Zachary Thayer                      Ashaway                 N. E. Culinary Institute                 Culinary Arts

Quinn Traendly                       Hope Valley             Stonehill College                          Gender Studies

Sean Whalen                           Wyoming                 U. of Rhode Island                      Phys. Therapy

2011                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Jeffrey Eden                           Charlestown          Ohio Wesleyan U                        Fine Arts

Nina Marelli                            Wakefield               U. of Rhode Island                      Landscape Design

William Anderson                  Hope Valley           U. of Rhode Island                      Resource Economics

Connor Capizzano                Hope Valley            U. of Rhode Island                      Marine Biology

Nicole Dalmazzi                    Hope Valley            Rhode Island College                 Psychology

Lauren Poston                      Charlestown           U. of Rhode Island                      Nursing

Catherine Royko                  Charlestown           Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.     Nuclear Engineering

2012                                     Town                   College                                      Major

Sean Banker                          Ashaway               U. of Delaware                              Chem. Engineering

Matthew Cozzolino               Charlestown          Northeastern University              Health Sciences

Andrew Devereaux               Hope Valley           St. Joseph's College                    Environmental Science

Kayla Ferria                           Wyoming               Bryant University                          Journalism

Nelson Knudsen                   Charlestown          Moravian College                          Biochemistry

Lauren Turgeon                    Carolina                 Quinnipiac University                    History & Elem. Ed.

2013                                      Town                   College                                      Major

Timothy Calcagni                 Hopkinton             Sacred Heart University                Physical Therapy

Allyson Fell                          Hope Valley           W. Virginia Wesleyan College       Graphic Design/Communications

Nathan Gengarella              Bradford                New Eng. Inst. of  Tech.                  Architecture

David Hurley                       Hopkinton              Bryant University                             Accounting & Finance

Stacy LeHerissier               Hope Valley           Lehigh University                             Environmental Sciences

2014                                      Town                   College                                      Major

Elisabeth Anderson              Hope Valley         U. of Rhode Island                        Pharmacy

Jaime Hinchey                     Charlestown         Northeastern U.                           Speech Pathology

Shane Bourque                    Hope Valley         Rhode Island College                  Communications

Austin Demers                      Charlestown         U. of Rhode Island                        Biology

Brittany Pagliarini                Hope Valley           U. of Rhode Island                        PolySci/Pre Law

Byan Poston                         Charlestown         U. of Rhode Island                        Finance

Mary Toth                            Charlestown           U. of Rhode Island                        Biological Sciences

     2015                                    Town                            College                                      Major

Nicholas LaBier Carolina U. of Rhode Island Pharmacy
Mark Baker Charlestown Mass.Maritime Academy Emergency Mgt
Emily Fallon Hope Valley C.C.R.I. Elementary Ed.
William Law Charlestown U. of Rhode Island Biol/Pre-Med/Spanish
Melanie McCauley Charlestown Assumption College Environ. Science
Matthew Pereira Richmond U. of Vermont Microbiology