Educational Project Grants

Chariho Community Educational Projects (CCEP) Mission

    Most of us can remember a parent, teacher, class, or coach whose special efforts, guidance, and inspiration made "a difference " in our education and our lives. The CCEP mission is to offer Chariho Regional School District teachers, support personnel, administrators and student, community or parent groups additional funds to use as they endeavor to encourage a stimulating atmosphere of excellence in education and lifelong learning. CCEP funding is intended to supplement existing, budgeted funds. It provides "early support" from the private sector for ideas, opportunities and services that will substantially advance the educational process throughout the Chariho Regional School District.

    Providing funding annually in seed grants for unique projects or special services designed to have a significant impact on the educational process anywhere within Chariho Regional School District.

Grant Application Deadline: May 1st

Innovative Project Grant Awards (CCIP)

    With the support of the Rhode Island Foundation, the Chariho Community Educational Projects (CCEP) endowment was established in January, 2003 with formation of what is now called the Chariho Community Innovative Projects (CCIP) Fund.  

    As an endowment, CCIP provides grants to teachers, support personnel, students, parents or community groups as seed funding for a broad range of innovative educational projects and services that benefit students and the educational process in the Chariho Regional School District.  Over 100 projects have been funded, typically at the $200-$1,500 level.  

Strategic Project Grant Awards (CCSP)

    A second educational projects endowment, the Chariho Community Strategic Projects (CCSP) Fund, was created in mid-2007.  

CCSP provides larger grants (up to $15,000) aimed principally at (1) improving core aspects of the curriculum within the Chariho Regional School District, i.e., reading writing, math, science and computer literacy and (2) providing funds for Chariho teacher professional development.  

As noted in the grant application, all grantees must share results of their project by completing and submitting a CCEP Grant Report