Our Scholarship and Student Awards Mission

Community 2000 Need Based Scholarships

The goal of Community 2000 Scholarships is to offer students in the towns of Charlestown, Hopkinton, and Richmond the opportunity to further their education by providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to worthy individuals. Many of the scholarships are for up to four years thereby providing the student continued support throughout their undergraduate term.

Award winners typically are graduating high school seniors, and the scholarship is renewable annually.  The Community 2000 “Needs-based” targeted endowments include funds targeted specifically to support graduates based on specific criteria of their future education. The culinary portion of the endowment is a partnership between Community 2000 and the RI Chapter of the American Culinary Federation and supports students of the Chariho Culinary program seeking additional culinary arts training.  Other targeted scholarships are the Community 2000/Chariho Professional Women's, Automotive, Computer Science & Coding, Construction, , Devin Arts, Engineering & Material Science, General Career & Tech, and Marine Technology scholarships.

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Community 2000 Student Awards

A separate Community 2000  Awards endowment provides two kinds of student awards:  (1) the Chariho Career-development Portfolio awards, which are one-time, $1,000 awards to graduating Chariho seniors who have demonstrated an exceptional effort in researching and making a career choice, and (2) the Maddie Potts Spirit of Community Leadership awards that are given every June to Chariho students who have shown the special inclusive leadership qualities that Maddie Potts provided.