Help us grow our endowments so that we can support quality education and provide additional support for education and scholarship support for our future community leaders!

Our message is unchanged -- we ask you to get involved in one or more of three ways:

1. Contribute Your Time, Ideas, and Skills

Community 2000 is operated and managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving as a Board Member or would like to volunteer to help the organization with a specific task please Contact Us.

2. Be a Networker

We have achieved a great deal of our fund raising success by one-on-one contacts and feel that we have a very compelling story to tell.  Help us make contacts with new folks interested in education.  Please let us know of someone we can speak to who would like to hear our story.

3. Be a Volunteer at Our Events

Our biggest fund raising event is our annual Golf Tournament.  As you can imagine, it take a lot of dedicated volunteers to put on a successful event such as this.  Therefore, we can us all of the help we can get.  If you are interesting in volunteering for this tournament, please Contact Us.

Interested in volunteering?  Contact us at Info@community2000.org or by phone at 401-329-4090.